Water Rates & Policies

If you do not find the information you need on this page, please contact our office and we will provide it for you. 816-630-7900

Should you experience a problem with your water, please call the phone numbers provided. We will do everything possible to locate the problem with your water.

Water/Sewer Service: To begin water and sewer services, new residents must come to City Hall to complete an application and pay a deposit to open their account. The water/sewer deposit is $175.00. Water is turned on at the resident’s home on the date service is requested and when the resident is present to ensure there are no leaks or interior faucets that are in the ‘on’ position. Deposits are refundable when a resident moves out of the area and has paid their final water bill.

Trash Deposit is $25.  Trash is always billed on the water bill, as is the sewer service, if your home is on sewer. Water meters are usually read at the beginning of each month for the prior month’s service. Water bills are sent out by the 5th of each month. If you do not receive a water bill by the 7th of each month, please call City Hall (816-630-7900) to report that you have not received the bill. We will be able to tell you the amount of your bill.

Water/Sewer/Trash are due on the 20th of each month to avoid any late fee penalties. If the 20th falls on a weekend or holiday, there is a mail slot located to the right of the City Hall front door for your convenience. Payments in the slot on the next business day are considered to be ‘on time’. After the 20th of the month, a 10% late fee is assessed. If the bill is not paid prior to the 28th of the month, your water will be disconnected and there will be a water turn on fee of $50 assessed along with the bill that must be paid before the water can be reconnected.

Your sewer rate is based upon the amount of water used. If you are filling a swimming pool, please call City Hall before you begin to fill the pool so we can read the water meter prior to the pool fill. Please call City Hall after the pool is filled so we can read the water meter again in order to adjust your sewer rate. This service is only allowed once per season.

If you believe there is an error on your water bill, please notify City Hall as quickly as possible. The meters are read by computer and not manually. If there is a problem with your bill, we will go to your house and manually read your meter at that time. If you wait until the end of the month when making your payment, it will be difficult to determine the amount of water used the prior month and the current month. Our meter reading program is quite sophisticated and will let us know if it detects a possible leak at the homes. When the possibility of a leak is detected, a notice is attached to your front door notifying you of a possible leak in your home. Please do not ignore those notices! This could be the warning of something serious beginning to happen with your water usage. We have found, for the most part, that it is usually the toilet tank mechanism that is causing the increased usage. You can check this possibility out very easily by putting several drops of food coloring in your toilet tank and not use that particular toilet for approximately 4-6 hours. Check the toilet bowl every hour to see if any of the colored water has seeped into the bowl. If so, then the tank mechanism needs to be replaced. If there is no colored water seepage into the bowl, you may contact City Hall and request that a ‘profile’ be done. This is provided to you at no additional cost. It involves our Maintenance Department coming out to your house with the computer and running a profile report. The profile report will provide information as to an approximate date and time when the increased usage began. This can be helpful to you in determining why the increased usage occurred.

Please read the reverse side of your water bill every month for Wood Heights “News Shorts” as City Hall tries to keep our residents informed of any upcoming events or items that may be of interest.

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